Sunday, August 31, 2014


Hi the name is Uriel Martinez. I am currently a junior from San Jose State studying Animation/Illustration with an emphasis in Visual Development. Courses I have take in art are: Light and Optics (Ani12), Color Principles for the Screen Arts (Ani14), Beginning and Advance Figure Drawing courses (Ani 55, 112b), 2-D and 3-D animation courses (Ani 28, 114, 115, 51B) and a couple visual development courses (Ani 113B, 117A). Courses in science that I have taken in the past have been Astronomy, High school Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I found myself enjoying Physics the most. Currently I am enrolled in two Ani class that include Advance Visual Development (Ani117B) and an intermediate 3-D modeling class (Ani130).

As far as I would like to do after finishing school is being a visual development artist in a major animation studio aspiring to one day become a Lead or Art Director.

Below are just a pieces from my summer 2014 sketchbook. It was sketchbook that I dedicated to painting in gouache and improving my plein air painting chops over the summer. So this is a small idea of the many places I visited during the summer. For those who do not know, gouache is an opaque watercolor medium. Currently, it is my favorite medium of choice for plein air painting.

Pescadero State Beach 

Vallemar Beach 

Point Lobos State Reserve  

Natural Bridges State Beach 
 Point Lobos State Reserve 

 Starbucks, Patterson Ca.

In addition to painting outside, I also made it a priority to learn from the masters either alive and deceased. Here are two artists and their work that I very much admire. The painting in the left is a study of Dice Tsutsumi's painting and on the right is a study of a painting by the great Edgar Payne. For me, master studies are a great way to dissect a piece and try to figure out how the artist was able to harmonize certain colors together and how they were able to achieve certain lighting conditions.

 Also, I was able to paint a few still lives. Again, I was practicing able to achieve certain colors in different color and values in different lighting scenarios.

This is my short animation called Playground Woes for my advanced animation class Ani 115.  

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