Friday, October 17, 2014

Outline for the Second Term Paper

I. Action/Reaction Principle in a few Animated Films
     A. Introduce the idea behind action/reaction principle
     B. Introduce 3 scenes from 3 films that don't follow the action/reaction principle
             1. Open Season 3, “Circus jump scene (102-103 min.)
             2. The Croods, “Breakfast Gathering Scene” 
             3. Hotel Transylvania “The fart scene” 
     C. Thesis

II. Action/Reaction Open Season 3
A. Short synopsis of Open Season 3
B. Introduce the scene in which the principle of action/reaction is broken
     1. Talk about the circus scene in which a human character launches a 100 lbs. dog 15 ft. into the air considering that the human probably physically weight less than the dog. 
C. Talk about what would be a more believable scenario.

III. Action/Reaction The Croods 
A. Short Synopsis of the Croods
B. Introduce the Breakfast Gathering scene and point out areas in which the action/reaction principle is broken. 
     1. Talk about how many of the tackles involved in the scene lack the believability of reactions to due to the actions involved. 
C. Talk about a more believable scenario. 

IV. Action/Reaction Hotel Transylvania
A.  Short Synopsis of Hotel Transylvania
B. introduce the scene in which the principle of action/reaction is broken.
    1. The scene in which a fart becomes a combustive explosion. 
C. Talk about what would happen in the real world.  

V. Conclusion 
A. Summary of points and scenes

B. Reiterate Thesis

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