Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stop-Motion Character Animation

After this character animation assignment, I have a new profound respect for stop motion animators. Much of the animation process involved a lot of reshooting and small adjusting in part of me and my fellow group mates Kai Nguyen and Cameron Seibly. For this project, Cameron decided on a story that involved one of his favorite hobbies, cooking. More specifically, cooking breakfast food. Our story involves a lonely bowl working with a band of misfit ingredients to create something delicious. The animation was shot using a camera on a make-shift stand involving a latter and a small tripod. Our animation style was mainly shooting straight ahead. The most difficult part was not only trying to animate the characters so they felt like they had life but also cleaning up the film in Photoshop. Kai was sometimes in the shot when filming so we manually had to remove him frame by frame. Cameron was responsible for coming up with a story and acting in the film. Kai and myself were involved in animating and the post production of the film.

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